Infobase Solutions

Our Solutions

“Solutions Built on Innovation.” It's a credo we take seriously, embedded in our core values as well as our name:

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Information. Availability. Power. Advanced technology that increases your business value.

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Security. Reliability. Safety. Solid development and expertise, on time and to order.

Infobase solutions are unparalleled in quality and function. Whether it is finishing a critical project, shipping a product or component, or providing consulting staff of the highest calibre and expertise, we're committed to delivering real results for you and your enterprise.

Our team of professionals are experienced in delivering a broad range of products and services, using innovative tools, processes and technology. The innovation we wield in our solutions can be found in a wide array of projects we've taken on:

»   Web-based applications for corporate and retail customers
»   Information Security products and consulting
»   Wireless and Tablet application development
»   Identity management strategies, systems and provisioning
»   Business systems analysis of enterprise applications
»   Application quality assurance
»   Custom Product and Software development
»   Application implementation, maintenance and support

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